Our Mission:

Allowing us all to invest in our future.

EVO is a globally accessible fund. We only invest in projects which are sustainable and impactful – leading the way for responsible investing.


Why EVO?

Investment secures your future and that of your family. Yet profitable, stable investment opportunities that reflect your family’s values are hard to come by. EVO has set out to change this in four key ways.


Our Four Key Differences

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1. Low Investment Buy-In

We enable you to start investing from as little as £5.00

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2. Competitive Returns

Sustainable assets, such as wind farms, are proven to be high performing with 4-8% dividends.

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3. Liquidity

In comparison to regular funds, you can sell your investment at any time

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4. Empowering Impactful Investments

We only invest into sustainable projects that follow the UNSD Goal.


How EVO Works

EVO modernises impact investment funds by using existing technologies and impact investment expertise, allowing you to invest both funds and passion through lower minimum investments and reduced management fees.

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Investors can own a percentage of a real-asset, earn a cut of it’s revenue and sell it when needed – for no cost. For us, it enables simplified investor management through existing technology. 



EVO uses state of the art technology to measure the asset performance in real time, realise digital accounting and provide online reporting to our stakeholders



We use data analytics to evaluate potential investment opportunities. For us, the asset must generate measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return.



Our investor dashboard shows the asset performance in real time both from a financial and social perspective. We allow our investors to contribute during asset selection processes through a built in voting functionality.


APRIL 2019

Impact investment offers the potential over the next 10 years for invested capital of $400 billion–$1 trillion and the profit potential of $183– $667 billion

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Stay in touch with EVO to receive information on our pre-sale and launch dates below as well as sharing your opinion on impact investment that interest you. Your answers will help to make our product even better.